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  • Tuition is due by 1st of the month. Tuition received on or after the 2nd of the month is late. There is a $15 late fee, and the student will be ineligible to take class thereafter until payment is received. If this situation occurs, the student also risks losing their class placement.

  • Students enrolled in AutoPay who wish to remove their AutoPay status must submit a request in writing before the next charge date. There are no refunds or crediting of payments if cancellation is not requested prior to the charge date.

  •  A registration fee of $25 is due at time of enrollment and by September 30th of each new year.

  • There is a $35 fee for any returned checks.


  • Students should arrive at least 10 minutes before their class start times. If you are going to be late, please call to let us know.

  • Any student arriving 20 or more minutes late will not be able to take class. This rule is enforced to maintain the safety of our dancers (arriving late=missing warm-up/stretch=injuries).

  • All dancers and their parents must maintain a high level of respect towards instructors, staff, and fellow students and parents.

  • We are a year-round school. Anyone not attending classes during the summer may be unable to participate in upcoming events. Any leave of absence may also affect your dancer's class placement and advancement upon return.


  • There are no refunds for or crediting of any payments toward monthly tuition, registration, recital or competition fees, outside performances, or studio events. Items from the boutique may be exchanged only if it has not been worn, damaged, or washed.


  •  If there are any outstanding payments (tuition, performance fees, etc.) your dancer will not be eligible to participate in upcoming performances until all balances are paid in full.

  •  If a student discontinues enrollment at Impact Dance x Wellness with an outstanding balance, that balance must be paid in full within 30 days. If not received after 30 days, the balance will be sent to “Legal Recovery.”


  • There is no crediting of classes. Any class that is missed must be made up within four weeks of the missed class. When the studio is closed due to holidays, the class is covered by the months where there are five weeks, and you only pay for four. Make-up classes apply to existing classes only.


  • It is recommended that parents walk their dancer(s) in and out of the studio.

  • Dancers must arrive and leave with something over their dance attire. 

  • Parents are responsible to check the bulletin board in the lobby for any outgoing information. Class schedule and upcoming events are also on our website. 

  • Parents and guests may wait and view classes from the lobby area. Parents are not allowed to observe class inside the studios. It is also asked that classes not be interrupted for any reason other than an emergency. if you do need to get your child, please see the Front Desk.

  • Dancers and parents are not allowed in the studios when an instructor is not present.

  • Parents are responsible for their children while waiting in the lobby area.

  • Parents, family members, and guests are not allowed in the storage area, office, reception area, or on the dance floor while classes are taking place.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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